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Wireless Doorbell Guide - Choose the Best Model for your Home Print E-mail
Written by Tom   

Wireless Doorbell

The doorbell has been around for a very long time and is found in almost every home. The most common doorbell found in older, as well as newer homes, is the wired doorbell. However, with advancements in technology, the wireless doorbell has become more popular. This is mainly because of its flexibility and easy installation process

With a wireless doorbell, the bell is a transmitter and is placed at the front of the door with either double sided tape or screws. The chime is considered a receiver. It is placed anywhere within a specific range. The chime can either run on batteries or be plugged into the household electrical current. This is a better choice, as you will not have to mess with changing batteries. Installing a wireless doorbell is easy. If your old wired doorbell simply does not do its job anymore, try to install a new wireless one yourself.

Materials you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical tape

5 Simple steps to install a wireless doorbell

1Turn off electricity at the fuse box or breaker box.

2Unscrew the doorbell swath and remove the outlet from your home’s exterior.

3Cut or unwrap the wires from the old doorbell and tape up the ends.

4Push the old wires back into the hole.

5Cover up the hole with your new wireless bell unit.

How to choose the best wireless doorbell for your home

Wireless doorbells come with different range capacities and/or with multiple chimes that you can put throughout your home. It is important to determine the range you will need for your home. The majority of wireless models run around 150 ft. This is an adequate range for most homes; however, for homes with more than one floor or larger homes, you will need to purchase a wireless doorbell that has a larger range. They can extend out to 450 ft.

Make sure to purchase one that has multiple chimes and a larger range if your home is large. You will want to put chimes in areas, such as the basement, back rooms, garage etc. Think about where you spend your most time. Some wireless doorbell chime units allow you to choose a chime you want to hear and you are able to adjust the volume. These are a little more expensive than a more basic doorbell that is more suitable for a small home.

Different decorative wireless doorbell options

You will find there are various options available for a decorative wireless doorbell. Many of the original wireless doorbells are plain white units. However, more decorative models have been designed, such as the Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell. They have a variety to choose from, such as wireless doorbells made of solid wood construction and chimes.

While the old traditional wired doorbell works well, the wireless models are more convenient. They are able to be moved around easily. Wireless doorbells are great for people who are not sure how to install a wired doorbell. Simply follow the five steps listed above and enjoy the sounds you choose to install into your home the next time someone comes to visit you.

Comments (4)
  • GARY  - convert wired to combo wired/wireless
    I have an old wired door chime system, without wires at front door and without the old transformer. I like the sound of the old chimes, however, and would like to find something wireless I could rig up, so that one could push the wireless button at the front door and it make the old chimes ring. Solution?
  • P. M. Gorton
    I am looking for a wireless door bell (NOT A CHIME). I would prefer a single door push but two bells. At the moment all I can find is door chimes which my wife will not allow. Suggestions please
  • George  - Wireless Doorbell Guide
    Thanks for the awesome guide! It helped me a lot.
  • George ss-doorbell/
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