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Written by glenn   

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Comments (23)
  • ibrahim ali  - water proofing
    :idea: i will like to know how to go about water proofing. i have seepage on my wall due to the conduit wiring of water system in the building.
  • Kellie Perez  - Gas Hot water
    I want to know why my gas/hot water heater doesn't keep the water hot constantly. I have to keep pressing the piolit switch to get hot water but it takes @ half hr- an hour to heat up and then it gets cold again.Why???
  • Kellie Perez
    Help me PLEASE!!! I have a Gas hot water heater that doesn't keep my water hot. I always have to keep pressing the piolit switch to heat up my water....WHY????
  • Karl
    I had the same problem. It was the thermo coupler, you can buy one at any hardware store, cost no more than $20.00. Remove the old one and take it with you to the store, this will enable you to get the correct one. Good luck.
  • Phileo McAlexander
    I had vinyl windows installed 2 yrs ago. One of them is leaking. It seems to come from the top of the window frame. The other outside windows have a metal flashing on top. This one does not. The company that put in the windows went out of business.
    Is this an easy fix?
  • S Bauslaugh  - pocket door
    our pocket door came off the track and we are wondering how we can put it back on. The builder said it takes a little tool. The company that put it in is no longer available and we are not sure who to contact.
    Thank you.
  • rj  - height of toliet flange from floor
    I am doing a bathroom remodel. The floor currently has carpet and I will be putting down hardibacker, and tile. The question I have is what is the correct height above the floor for the toilet flange so I can decide if I need to raise the flange or simply cut the backer and tile so that the toile fits on the original subfloor.
  • malcolm
    raise the flange and have it sit on the hardibacker then tile to the flange. The toilet should rest on the tile and be caulked to the tile.
  • Anonymous  - Stubburn Stain
    Anyone having a clue what might be used to remove a "hair colouring stain" from the front of a dishwaher without having to use something that might scatch the finish.

    Many Thanks
  • Anonymous
    Try some fingernail polish remover
  • Malcolm  - Hot Water Heater Problem
    I have a 15 yr old electric htw heater. All of the sudden the Pressure relief valve started a steady discharge. I turned off the power; shut off the water supply and replaced the valve with a new one.
    Without turning on the elec. power I opened the fill valve and the tank filled. When it completed filling the NEW pressure valve released steadily. Whats happening? No new heat so temp./thermostat not the problem. Just pressure. Help?!
  • Nora  - Toilet tank
    While trying to remove the fill valve I broke the valve and I am no longer able to unscrew it out from the tank. My question is if I am able to just replace the tank part of the toilet or do I need to replace the whole toilet? I would accept any ideas if any on how to remove the fill valve with the top part being broken.
  • rocking robin  - help
    I bought a new water heater because the old one was leaking. Now the new one is leaking. Someone told me that I need an expansion tank. what do you think and how much will that cost?
  • bummsie
    i want to have your colour chat for both exterior and interior house paintings. how much does your 10litter gallon goes for now and can i know what it would cost to ship 200 galoons to nigeria. TX
  • mike
    i just replaced element in water heater and still no hot water! ive got 120 volts at each line and have reset the reset. both elements ohm out aqs good cant figure this out HELPtfhve
  • Dan
    I have a vacation rental home at the Eastern shore.The water heater is 9 YRS-electric no problems 50 gallon.Only use home 4 months out of year.When should I replace if Im having no problems.

    Thanks for help, Dan
  • Timothy Hennessy  - too much hot water
    We keep getting large amounts of hot water every time we turn on the cold, we have replaced all the shower faucets and have no leaks. What else can be causing this problem. We do not have a water heater we have a oil burner that heats all of our water and have had that serviced. We also have a ten gallon hot water reserve tank. Can you help.
  • Keith  - hot water from the cold faucet
    This may be a long shot but there are a couple of possibilities. First, if you have had any recent plumbing work it could be that the plumbers have connected the cold and hot water supply lines together somewhere. Typically when a shower valve gets moved an apprentice plumber may connect the lines feeding into the hot and cold side of the shower valve together when he should be capping them off.

    If it is only happening at one faucet, it could be that the mixing valve is not operating or installed correctly and is letting hot and cold mix together.

    Finally, if it is in a shower and the valve is relatively recently manufactured. It could be that the cartridge is reversed and needs to be rotated.

    Hope this helps.
  • Janice  - problems with new water heater
    We recently had installed a new 50 gallon hot water heater with an expansion tank. Prior to this we have lived in our home 17 years with no problem, but since the new tank was installed we cannot run more than one shower or faucet at a time or it will cause the water in the shower or other faucet to go from too hot to too cold or vice versa. Is there something we can do to readjust the settings to stop this from happening. We have three showers in our home but can only use one at a time now since the new installation.
  • margaret  - toliet sweating
    Does anyone know what makes a comode sweat in the winter?Whether we use our electric heat or gas,the toliet just drips with moisture.Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    y do our toilets sweat? i been notice that lately too! what can we do 2 stop this
  • Anonymous
    Stop sending me emails on ho to scean my stove top.
  • slideandfold  - Why should we used pvc in double glazed window fra
    PVC has great insulator, needs low maintenance, it is energy efficient, recyclable, environment friendly,not corroded by salt,does not attract termites,does not wrap or chip off,it doesn't get rusted due to the weather, UV protected.Available on lucrative rates and extremely affordable than the aluminium and wood.
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