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Do It Yourself - Most Popular

Lawn Care

Top 5 Leaf Blowers – Which Popular Power Sweeper is Designed to Fit your Needs? Print E-mail
Written by glenn   

Maintaining your yard can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially leaf removal.  Leaf blowers save you a lot of time and effort.  These are the top five based on honest ratings of consumers who have actually used them.  Prices are approximate and can vary depending on where you purchase them.

Canada Green Grass: Fast Growing, Green Grass Print E-mail
Written by Tom T.   

Canada Green Grass has been used throughout the U.S. and Canada on golf courses, in parks, and on many lawns.  If you are in need of high quality green grass, Canada Grass is the grass seed for you.

Green Lawn Care Tips Print E-mail
Written by Stacy G.   

Everyone wants to have the “perfect green lawn”, but it takes some effort to have that lush, healthy green lawn. Here are some green lawn care tips to help you have the perfect green lawn. Also see Going Green Lawn Care

Installing a Drip Irrigation System for that Healthy Garden Print E-mail
Written by Robert T.   

Drip irrigation

Adrip irrigation system is essential for a healthy environment for your garden.  Garden irrigation is more efficient than manually watering your garden and it will give your garden that extra care it needs to grow.  Be sure you winterize your sprinkler system with 3 easy methods.

It is important to have the proper level of water to boost up your garden plants.  Too much or too little could hinder your efforts for a healthy garden.   A drip irrigation system is a way to help you control the water being distributed to your garden.  An irrigation system offers water at the roots of your plants, which is an excellent help in helping to control pesky weeds, as well.

Winterize a Sprinkler System with 3 Easy Methods Print E-mail
Written by Robert   


Before the first freeze, it is essential to winterize a sprinkler system. Just draining water out of the system is not enough. Any water that remains in the piping will freeze and expand and crack the PVC piping.

While polyethylene pipe is more flexible and is able to expand under pressure, water left behind could still freeze and rupture the pipe walls. Any water that is left in the backflow assembly can damage the internal components and could crack the brass body. This is why it is important to winterize a sprinkler system.


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