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How to Clean a Glass Top Stove Print E-mail
Written by Tom   

Glass top stoves are wonderful things and while many people think that cleaning glass top stoves is difficult to do, nothing could be further from the truth. When you clean glass top stove fixtures, you should follow a few specific cleaning glass top stove rules. If you follow those rules when you clean a glass top stove, you will find that not only is it easy learning how to clean a glass top stove, it is also a relatively quick process when you actually start to clean glass top stove appliances in your house. See how to clean stainless steel.

The Cleaning Process

The actual cleaning process starts after you have finished your cooking. To clean glass top stoves you need to be consistently vigilant and that vigilance must start as soon as you have finished using the stove for cleaning. The first step in learning how to clean glass top stoves is watching the stove and making sure that you wait until the hot surface light has gone out. All glass stoves have one and it is the light that tells you when the surface still has the potential to burn and melt.

As soon as the indicator light has gone out, you want to make sure that you follow the next step in the how to clean glass top stove guides which is to apply cleaning pressure to the surface right away. You can do this with a soapy water mixture and a sponge, although some non-abrasive cleaners can also work for the task if you have the extra money to spend. It's not necessary however as a lukewarm soapy water mixture applied with a soft sponge is very effective to clean glass top stoves. If you do this after every meal that is cooked using the stove you will find that keeping it clean over long periods of time is very easy to do.

Clean Glass Top Stove

Dealing with Major Spills

Cleaning a glass top stove is not always that simple however, as you can often have very big spills on it. These spills should be soaked in hot water until they become wet and easy to move before being removed in the same cleaning process that was mentioned in the previous section. If the spills are stubborn and refuse to budge even after being soaked in hot water, you may need to use a scraper to get them off. There are scrapers on the market that have specifically been created for use on a glass top stove so make sure that you purchase one of those the next time you are at the hardware or kitchen store that you frequent.

Aesthetics are Important

In addition to getting a scraper, you may also want to invest some money into getting polish specifically made for glass top stoves. This will allow you to keep your stove looking beautiful at the same time you keep it pristine. To keep the look and feel of your stove good however, you should also avoid using the stove as an extra counter since that can lead to big problems should you accidentally place a plastic bag on it when it is still hot.

Comments (172)
  • delia cooer-hall  - melted enamel from the tea kettle on the glass top
    Hi, I left my enamel tea kettle on the stove and fell asleep. The water evaporated and the enamel melted onto the stove top. I was able to get the kettle off without damage and most of the enamel, but there is a rough residue left about the size of a quarter. Help!
  • pat maison
    do not buy a white glass cook top if you are going to cook.
    they are always a mess you have to clean it and clean it everytime you cook
    I don't think they even make them anymore
    black gets dirty too but no one seems to see the dirt on those
  • Donna Griessel  - White glass top stoves
    I am very disappointed with myGE white stove top. The burners I use most have gone dark. Bar Keepers Friend is the greatest for cleaning. The dark burners are upsetting.
  • pat maison
    do not buy a white glass cook top.
    you will be mighty sorry hard to clean
  • gman  - white glass cook top
    I couldnt imagine a white one. :ooo: We have black and its a nightmare to keep clean!! :angry-red:
  • Anonymous
    I previously had a white one - absolutely loved it. Yes, I had to clean it every day but at least it looked clean when it was cleaned. Now I have a black one which I utterly despise! You clean and clean and clean AND CLEAN AND CLEAN, and it still looks as though you haven't cleaned it. WISH I HAD MY WHITE ONE AGAIN!!!!
  • Arlene  - Black Glass
    I had to replace a 36" gas range, and the only thing in our price range was a Kenmore with black glass (like an electric cooktop) under the gas burners. Streaks were really obvious because I couldn't use long front-to-back strokes; I had to go around the burners. After reading these posts, rubbing alcohol seems to work best for the streaks. But the worst thing is that every dust particle shows up starkly against the black. I'm with the others - bring back the old stoves without black glass and without stainless steel! So much easier to keep clean! (I'm guessing the designers don't cook or clean - just stand there and look at the finished product.)
  • Rae
    :angry-red: Mine Is black and very difficult to keep clean. If you do not pick up spills immediately and get burned in the process. I hate electric stoves tops and ovens. I prefer gas to cook with.
  • connie lawrence  - con
    suggest u use murphys oil soap non diluted with scotch brite sponge, it works to clean this white top stove. I have tried everything this works!
  • gman
    great info, thanks! Vote up!
  • Anonymous
  • whisper  - why are you yelling?!
    u mad?
  • Grazy  - Do not buy the white one...
    Do not buy the white one for i have a white for 2 years and i can't remove the spots... it is horreble to clean!! a friend of my have a black one and that is much better! :(
  • Gary Bain  - How to Clean a Glass Stove Top
    On this forum regarding cleaning glass top stoves, in the section "The Cleaning Process" the following statement is made "In addition to getting a scraper, you may also want to invest some money into getting polish specifically made for glass top stoves." I have not been able to find any polish specifically made for glass top stoves. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  • Karen Gordon  - polish on stoves
    my mom buys the polish for her glass top at walmart. it is in the aisle with the mops and such if i remember right
  • Anonymous
    The cleaner is usually sold at the store, if not Sears has it.
  • Arlene  - black stove to
    :angry: I have the black stove top with gas burners and I hate it, can't get the spots off around the burners at all, any suggestions
  • gwen  - location for purchase of cleaner
  • Anonymous
    try lowes hardware store or krogers food store,and walmart
  • Sherry
    Bar Keepers Friend. It is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Anonymous
    Weimens is the best stuff around -- spray for small spills; the polish is great for most cooked-on spills. I highly recommend their scrub pads, too, as they haven't scratched my glass stove top in the 6 years I've had it.
  • Anonymous
    Weiman makes a couple types of spray cleaner for light duty and a cleaner polish for more serious messes. The polish helps new spills from sticking so but you must clean after each spill. It only takes about 30 seconds to do it with the spray and about 2 min with the liquid cleaner. Dont not clean it and burn it in. Makes clean up a pain
  • Sean  - Smyth
    The best way is to clean first with a sponge and dish soap to remove debris. Then wipe it down to dry surface completely. The next step is the secret, Use rubbing alcohol and watch all the smears and streaks disappear! I do this every time I clean the stove top and it looks brand new! Also rubbing alcohol works great for stainless steel streaks too!!! Just give it a try and let me know how it works! The main additive in glass top polish is alcohol so save a few buck using rubbing alcohol!!
  • Lisa
    I use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to clean my bathroom mirror... works great!
  • Marg Perrott  - CLR???
    Have tried several of the cleansing creams on my smooth top range, not getting satisfactory results. I am considering using CLR. Any comments, help?
  • Parkosh  - Cleaner
    The best cleaner for anything stubborn on a glass top stove is that old standby--it's been around for "over 120 years"--Bon ami. It's cheap--around a dollar for 14 ounces--and it will remove everything including burned on residue from pots that have been boiled dry without damaging the top or removing the rings or the little dots. Of course, removing such residue takes a lot of elbow grease and is a real time consumer but persistence will eventually even accomplish this most difficult of removal jobs.

    Bon ami also works great for cleaning enamel ware, but it must be used before the residue is completely burned on. Once this occurs it seems impossible to remove.
  • Linda  - Bon Ami for glasstop stove results
    I remember Bon Ami, and tried to buy it at True Value; however, they didn't have it and the sales clerk sold me on "BarKeep" which I suspect is really Bon Ami with a different label. Anyway, it worked great on my ceramic-top gas stove. Love it!
  • Jennifer  - Bon ami
    I haven't tried Bon Ami yet, but I was able to find it at Fred Meyer (Kroger) in the regular cleaning supplies aisle.
  • PopSmith  - Scared of Bon Ami
    :( Bon Ami is very abrasive. Used to use it to lap metal parts. I would be afraid to use it on glass. Those tiny scratches can lead to cracks.
  • Jim  - Craze in KC
    Thanks for sound help !!! Stove here I comejavascript:JOSC_emoticon(":idea:";)
  • bekezela  - tea spills
    my sister in law makes tea spills om my stove everyday or someties twice a day. i am worried that this will affect the function of the stove or maybe interfer with electric wires coz now my oven stopped working and
  • Anonymous
    well i use a scotch brite sponge, corox bleach, comet n a scraper works miracles on everything.
  • Sandi Strain
    Who every thought a glass top stove was a good idea? What a nightmare! I would give anything to have my 20 year old stove back.
  • Ellie  - glass top stove
    Boy do I agree with Sandi. I had no say in the stove that is what the builder put in the houses.
  • Sandi Strain
    Of course I meant to say "Who EVER thought a glass top stove was a good idea?"
  • Timothy Scott  - Sandi
    Thank you - I completely agree with you and I would give anything to have my 43 year old stove back. It was a wonderful appliance and functioned perfectly . The only reason I replaced it was that a woman thought it would be nice to have a "new, modern" stove.
  • Anonymous
    Please help to remove "black "spots on glass stove top.thanks
  • Deb
    Use the Mr. Clean Eraser with a little muscle on your white or black stovetop. I have a black one and yes it gets dirty from things boiling over even had a pot stick to the stove top but with muscle anything can be cleaned with determination. I love my stove. No more take the burners apart !
  • Anonymous
    Just Mr. Clean Eraser thanks to you and stove looks much better. My arm is now sore. I will also try Bon Ami next time has to be cheaper!!
  • Anonymous  - Anonymous
    I have a black glass top and I have found that if I use toothpaste and water it does a great job. For the really tough stains use baking soda and then pour vinigar or lemon juice watch it bubble and scrub with a sponge. :)
  • Peggy  - How to clean a glass black top stove
    Awesome - worked extremely well with baking soda and vinegar. thx :0
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much for this tip. I used a Norwex cloth to wipe off a still hot element and it melted. After some gentle elbow grease most it has come off. A couple more passes and it'll be back to normal.
  • Lyn  - Thanks
  • Anonymous  - Baking Soda did it!
    After reading all your ideas I stepped away from the computer to try a baking soda and water paste on my white glass stove top. The stains came off with hardly any effort. Thanks for the tip!
  • Anonymous
    Mr Clean Magic Eraser for the stains and spots, then just wipe the streaks with a clean rag.
  • dahoov2
    After reasing this I've tried just about everything so after searching hundreds of posts on several different boards/pages, I decided to go with what EVERYONG said...

    I had already tried:
    Scotch Brite pads/system for glass/certamic tops
    Lemon Juice
    Baking soda and water (also tried it with Lemon juice and the vinegar)
    The stuff that came with the stove (creamy ceramic/glass top cleaner) as well as another brand of the same stuff
    Dish soap and water
    Glass cleaner
    Lime away
    Scraping (there's nothing to "scrape";)

    came to the conclusion it's now embedded into the glass top. BUT I wanted to be sure I tried EVERYTHING so I just ordered via Amazon:

    Magic Eraser
    Bartender's Secret
    and a "Glass Scratch kit" made for ceramic glass tops.

    I will follow up if any work. I think my top is ruined and I am not happy. It happened only two weeks after I got the stove when a pot of spaghetti spilled over. I thought the water stain would come out. Hubby thin...
  • dahoov2
    Cook's Stove Top Polish is the other brand I used and the scraper was plastic designed specifically for that purpose (and Pampered Chef stuff) and the glass/ceramic kit is "Scratch-b-Gone"
  • melissa
    I have had my black glass top stove for about 10 yrs now and I highly recommend using a scraper, then lemon fantastik! Not regular, has to be lemon...
  • Tami  - your stovetop
    I am trying to get a friend's stovetop burns off. His was a sugar mixture from making jam. I have tried many things, but not Bon Ami or Bartender's Secret. Going to the store to get those next.
  • Scott  - What to use
    I too tried everything. Then I used a razor blade scraper. That's all you need to know to clean your stove.
  • Lisa  - Try this
    I use the Norwex grill and oven cleaner. It is expensive but it works so well! Just spray it on leave it for a minute and wipe it off! It lasts quite a while and is worth the price. For really burnt on stains I use the Norwex paste, again expensive but I used it on my friends white top that had not been clean in years and it took it right off!
  • Sue  - Last item tried....
    okay; so I finally got and tried all four items that I sent for via

    1) Magic Eraser... NOTHING. I got the "classic" kind and it's nothing more than a piece of foam and nothing looked different after trying it. I did find however, it did well on my stainless steel drip on my dishwasher that wasn't coming clean before. Did a nice job on that.

    2) Bartender's secret. This is no different than any other cooktop cleaner. All are white with a slight abrasive. I've tried MANY brands and they don't do any more than Soft Scrub and this did not change anything in appearance.

    3) Cerama-Brite: Nope. Same thing as Bartender's secret, soft scrub, Cook's and all the brands you can buy at the supermarket and that come with the stove... NOT any difference at all.

    4) "Cerama Shine: Scratch-B-Gone" restore kit for glass top stoves: Well Yes and no. What I had was huge white stains the size of the underbelly of the pan. You get what amounts to two packets of fluid whic...
  • anonymous  - various products
    I tried the baking soda and vinegar, alcohol, stove top cleaner and Murphy's oil soap. I did not get any results from those. I did spray bleach on it (white stove top) and I am getting results from that. This stain had no debris either. I am thrilled to get some results.
  • Anonymous
    I purchased a stove from Craig's list sight unseen except for pictures. It was had a black crust on the burners. My last resort to clean it was no fume oven cleaner...a scraper..then soap and water...then 91% alcohol soak...Got it clean, but it is still difficult to keep shiny clean..
  • Anonymous
    and how did it work did it come off
  • Anonymous  - Continued:
    You get what amounts to two packets of fluid which are about the size of a magazine sample. Very small and thin. Then there is a scrubbing pad that is teal on one side and black on the other. I used the wrong size first and didn't rub hard enough I thought and I thought well, it's ruined already so scrub really hard and use the more abrasive teal side (special formula I think on it). It was like super fine sandpaper almost. Like a paper coaster only smaller. Anyway after rubbring really hard in circular motion with the teal side and after kneading the packet (didn't say to do that but I think you need to), I felt some resistance like I was actually removing something... after doing that a while, I used the final item in the kit, a soft micro cloth (like a washcloth, only smaller and very soft) and I DID for the first time after more than a dozen attempts, see a difference. The marks are still there, but they are now a dark grey, closer to the glass color and the white and light gr...
  • Anonymous
    The marks are still there, but they are now a dark grey, closer to the glass color and the white and light grays are gone. So in effect, you can go across the room and it doesn't look bad.
    At this time, I am withholding final judgement. When Hubby gets home, he will use the second packet and put MORE elbow grease in.
    So of all the products I used, this is at least SOMETHING which is better than nothing and it's my recommendation if you tried all the other things like I have. Here's the UPC: 92582 82273. They have a website: www.Scratch-B-Gone. And I think you can get it cheaper (it's under 10.00) by going Ebay or Amazon maybe.
  • Desiree  - How to Clean a Glass Top Stove
    So after trying all the above ideas, with no good results. I decided to try what I have been using for years on my glass shower doors and the windows on the outside of the house(which works awesomely!!!) , "Glass Scrub" for you car windows and a sponge. It works GREAT!!! The stove top looks brand new!!! Its clean, no spots and its shiny again. I get it at any auto parts store. I had let the stove top get really bad so it took some elbow grease and doing it a couple of times but it was well worth it.
  • Anonymous  - It Worked!
    :D I read everyone's ideas and had tried most on my black stovetop to no avail. BUT, Baking Soda and Vinegar worked! I just sprinkled on the baking soda and then some vinegar and let it sit for about half an hour. Then scrubbed with a scrubbing pad, like chore girl, and it is sparkling clean without any of the annoying circles around the burners! Thank you so much.
  • Reed Campbell  - black glass top stove
    hi we have a sears kenmore black glass top stove, I'm trying to clean the top, i can clean it with cerama bryte and our cooktop cleaner, and it look ok but we use the front two burner and they have like white spots on them and i try to everything to get them out,so can you help me get them out or to i have to get a new top or just live with it. the stove looks good, but thought burner look like crap please help thank you for your help
  • jat  - black glass top cleaning
    we pour on lemon juice to a the size slightly larger than the stain, then add baking soda. Looks like a small volcano about to explode, but does the trick !
  • J. Gil

    When the dealer installed our Kitchenaid gas cooktop they failed to remove packing tape from the bottom of the glass {white} top. The tape burned leaving several dark brown stripes that are visible through the glass. They look like dirty streaks.The dealer is no longer in business and our warranty has expired on the cooktop. Can you recommend something that can remove the burned tape marks from the undersurface of the glass top?
  • Kandy  - Baking Soda and Lemon Juice -- It Works!
    I have been trying for over a year to find a product that will clean the glass cooktop on my stove and nothing. All the cream products, scrubber sponges and scourers? I've tried them all. Then I was reading all of the entries above and I actually tried baking soda and lemon juice and I couldn't believe it but it worked. It took a little bit of elbow grease but NOTHING like before. I cleaned it in about 5 minutes! YEA! Thanks everyone. I also tried the baking soda with vinegar and it didn't work nearly as well. Probably more acid in the lemon juice. I'm going to tell Sears about it. Anyway thanks!
  • Dorothy  - Baking Soda and lemon juice--Yes, it does work
    I tried a few of these suggestions, and the one that was easy and good results was baking soda and lemon juice. And no harmful chemicals.
  • michelle
    what is bon ami where can i find it in the stores thanks michelle
  • QT
  • Anonymous
    :D Makes good sense! Going try it. Have to clean a glass top that probably hasn't been cleaned in a year! Rental apartment.
  • anonymous
    there is a rough residue left on my glass stove top, how do i get rid of that stain. Help!
  • marg  - glass top stove
    I used the glass scraper gently and it worked great
  • Anonymous
    The baking soda and lemon juice worked miracles! I had almost given up on getting rid of that burnt on ring around my burners! Thank you!! :love:
  • Dee  - Plasic spoon melted on my glassstop
    Help I melted my plastic spoon when it slid on to the cooktop off the spoon rest. How do I remove it off my stovetop?
    Please Help! :(
  • Billy
    I just used scatchbegone car wax and a sand paper and apply the wax and gently rub the scatches right out witht he sand paper.

    the grit of the sand paper is a 360-600 or known by the name of Super Fine which is Fine sanding of the finish to remove some luster or surface blemishes and scratches. I guess you could use any kind of car wax
  • Susan
    Bar keeps friend used as a semi dry paste rub with cloth covered finger, hard. works every time. My white tops stayed pretty and white. I use large handled razor to get burned stuff off first. Easy and both my husband and I cook all the time.
  • Michelle & Kim  - Finally...a clean stove top!
    We have a Whirlpool black glass top stove. We got stains on the top from I don't know what, everyday cooking and spills I guess. (And yes we wipe the stove top off after every use and theses spot still show up, almost like they are part of the stove now). So after reading all these tips on how to clean it, my wife pulled out the "Scratch Free Comet with Bleach", mixed it w/ some water and went at it with a scotch brite pad. It worked & didn't leave any scratches........
  • gregory
    I have black glass top stove. I droped a dish towel on a burner. The result, many small raised lines from the material remained. Any ideas about how to remove it....
  • Anonymous
    I have the same situation. Still looking for answer. Please help !!!
  • Kha  - dish towel fibers melted on black cooktop
    I melted a micro-fiber towel. After burner cooled I boiled water in kettle and kept putting it on the area. I used a metal spatula covered with 2 fabric softener sheets and kept scraping carefully. That took most of the fibers off and then I just kept working on it with my "thumb" nail - resting my thumb in-between lol. Finally got it all off and looked like new. Just be careful with anything metal.
  • Anonymous
    Brasso and superfine steel wool plus elbow grease!
  • Anonymous  - Black Glass Top 6 burner gas range
    I tried everything and was never satified . The soap and sponge got the dirt off but the glass stayed dingy. I tried glass cleaner as a second step but tht did not help. Then, by mistake, i found the perfect cleaner. I used the bathroom scrubing bubbles and it was like magic. Took all of the burn on food and grease off and left a nice shine.
  • misty  - cleaner
    I buy mine at Home Depot where they sell the glass top stoves, works great
  • Karen
    OK, I have tried absolutely everything suggested on this forum, including all cleaners I have under my sink with no success. BUT, one last try--I had a container of Oxi Clean Miracle Foam Grime & Stain Dissolver that I bought years ago from Bed, Bath & Beyond and never used it. I sprinkled some on the stains, sprinkled with water according to directions, let it sit for a couple of minutes, scrubbed with a Scotch Bright pad AND MY STAINS ARE GONE! I hope this works for you.
  • Nina  - Glass cooktop
    :D Thanks I'll try that. The last time I used the oven cleaner I didn't heat it.
  • KP  - black glass stove top
    I have a cleaning compound that my mother in-law bought for me. It's called "cleaning paste" and it's made by NORWEX ( Not sure if you can buy it in USA but I'm fairly sure you could order it online. It cost $30ish(canadian) and it works great! You can use it on: chrome, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, ceramics, porcelain tiles and similar surfaces. I think it's GREAT!!!
  • Sweipp
    I am in the market for a new stove and I have been looking at the glass top electric stoves. We cook with a combination of cast iron fry pans and stainless steel. Would there be a problem with the cast iron? I read of people cleaning the stove tops with abrasive pads. Is there any possibility of damaging the surface? I also see that many of the oven elements are below the floor of the oven. Is this a problem with the electric stove. I am used to a gas stove where this is the case and it makes a wonderful spot for roasting potatoes.
  • Pamela Fassero  - glass top stove re: cast iron pans
    it is suggested that you only use stainless steel cookware or alluimmiun on glass top stoves, I was told cast iron or any other pan is to heavy for glass top.
  • MP  - Cast iron vs smooth top
    :D Have a yard sale, you can't use them. I've had 3 smoothtops in my lifetime and for them to really work well you need FLAT BOTTOM pans!

    You can use them in the oven and you could try on top, however cast iron pans normally have a bit of a ridge or are just the slightest rounded and so they do not get good contact (or even contact) with the burner. If you are too attached and still want the smooth top - buy yourself a hot plate to use for your iron skillets.

    Good luck to you. FYI, I don't lke the smooth tops, first was a gift, the second shoved down my throat by husband and salesman and third in a rental unit. I'd rather have a regular stove or a ideally gas!
  • OMG  - Help freaking out!
    Can someone help me. I've rented a beach house and after being the first to use their brand new glass top stove I have stupidly gone to wipe it after cooking but it was still hot and it seems the sponge has melted in it. I'm freaking out how do I fix it?? Some one anyone???
  • sara D  - it's OK, remain calm...
    Buy a glass scraper razor at a hardware store. It's the kind that has rectangular blades that usually slide into the handle sideways. Then, scrape with the blade edge contacting the cooktop at about a 25-45 degree angle. Press down hard as you slide the edge under the residue. If it doesn't go under, just pull back a little and push again. Keep doing this in little movements until the mess slides or breaks up. Be careful that you don't lift sideways allowing a corner to scratch the glass.

    This works great for thicker sticky stuff, but it also works on thin, filmy residue if you have patienc, apply good firm pressure on the blade, and work at finding just the right angle. I've removed water stains this way.

    I usually follow up with weinmann's glass cooktop cleaner. It will also work on filmy residues, but you need to scrub very hard with a paper towel.
  • How do I get the black cooktop
    Cant get rid of streaks in black ceramic cooktop. Help
  • joe q.  - Save yourself some money
    Do not buy any of these glasstop cleaners. In
    just two years you will have spent what you paid for the stove. IT is like
    buying the ink for the printers total rip-off!!
    Find something listed above that works for you
    and stay with it till they come out with a reasonable priced product.
  • Lewis  - Thanks, I hope
    She won't tell me what she burned/spilled. Started with soapy water.Then baking soda (why didn't I add vinagar?), toothpaste, alcohol and finally soft scrub. I hope one of your suggestions works or it will break this Scott's heart to have to pay for commercial cleaner. Perhaps I should leave my belt sander next to the stove as a reminder.
  • linda  - stuff to clean with
    you can use vinegar on glass top it works great

    1)put vinegar in bottle
    2)put butter oil in bottle
    3)then shake and use on glass mirrors cook tops Stan less steel on wood

    for more info send on :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • linda again  - opps
    i mean not butter oil needed to use water and cucina cream and the shake it
  • Monique  - jenn air ceramic top
    i moved out of a rental i lived in for a year. it had a jenn air downdraft ceramic top stove. i never had a stove like this and didnt know about special cleaning techniques/products. there was a slight film left on a couple of the burners that my landlord is claiming wont come off. are there recommendations out there for that or is a replacement the only option? please help!!
  • Jeff  - Ceramic Top Cleaner
    I've used this for years and it works without any damage to the cooktop. For small stains apply the yellow spray can Easy Off oven cleaner and let it sit for a half hour. Wipe off with paper towel and reapply if needed. On larger stains do the same thing but you may need to let sit overnight. Use a damp cloth to remove the residue. After cleaning use the recommended polish from the cooktop manufacturer to reapply the protective coating so the spill is easier to clean up next time. I would be suspicious of any chemical that requires rubbing. I've seen so many cooktops ruined by abrasive scrubbing. Remember the crusty residue you are removing can be abrasive, so that can remove the cooktop patterns if you rub long enough.
  • Jean  - Black Glass Top Kenmore Stove
    I cannot find anywhere a solution to my problem for our glass top stove. It is kept clean after every meal. Our problem is a deposit left by the metal of our pans. It is diffently a chemical reaction to the pans. We purchased all new FLAT bottom pots and pans. They are stainless steel, not ceramic. The actual design of each pan is blackened in the front two (most used) burners. You can not longer see the white speckled design. Any help?
  • Beth  - There is hope!
    After reading all these posts I decided to tackle my glass top stove and see if I could get it clean without ruining in. The lemon juice and baking soda seemed like a pretty good bet, so I tried that first. It took a couple of applications and definitely works best when the juice goes on first and then the baking soda. It actually changed color as it loosened and worked on the grunge on the stove. It still didn't work completely, though. I had to break out the razor blade and carefully scrape the remaining residue. This took some time, but got the baked on crap all off. Finally I used the manufacturers cream cleaner as directed and polished it off. The stove top hasn't looked this good since the month we bought it!! I know these stupid things are hard to keep looking nice, but they really are rather gorgeous when they are clean.
  • Catherine  - Help!
    I am having great difficulty cleaning the white rings on my black glass cooktop. I have tried ALL of your ideas and have been unable to get whatever-it-is off! I do believe I have actually started removing the rings! Is this possible? This is a burner that is never used as much as the others as it is at the front. I am having no difficulty cleaning the other burners!
  • Christine King  - steam cleaner
    Just got a black glass top stove. No instructions, wondering if anyone has tried a steam cleaner??
  • Anonymous
    I am so sorry I ever bought a glass stove top. Never again and never again would I would any stainless steel. I have a stainless stell refrigerator......washer/dryer....microwave....stove and dishwasher. I am going to sell all of mine.....take the hit....and buy the old stand by's without all the bells and whistles.
  • Terrie  - Hate the Glasstop
    I agree, terrible product. My father has one and I have a terrible time. He cracked the corner when he dropped a soup can. I was cleaning it and knocked over a trivet and a crack went down the center! The clean up is horrible. I immediately use a quality plastic ice scraper.

  • bob
    I have a chip in the top of my range top. is this dangerous or can I continue using it?
  • bob
    I have 1/4 inch chip in my range top is this dangerous, can I comtinue using it?
  • John Oriscak  - Stove top

    I can clean my stove top but I can see spots on the underneeth side of the glass. What is the cause of theese spots and can I lift off the stove top to get at them?
  • Janice
    I am having trouble with my newly bought glass top range. It even looks like parts of the gray circle around the burners are disappearing and there are lumps around it too. I have used special stuff for cleaning it and I have used elbow grease to with this. Is it ruined?
  • jim  - How about silver rings on a gas stove
    :love: any ideas JIM
  • Kaitlyn Timmer  - Awful
    I agree with the general consensus. Glass top stoves are the devil. I'm honestly, very partial to gas, but as gas stoves are becoming more and more obsolete, I could deal with a plane Jane four burner, non-smooth cook top, thank you very much. However I'm definitely going to look into some of these suggestions while still managing my glass top. Ooohhh, first world problems. ;P
  • Joseph  - Gas is still the best for "better cooks"
    Waddya mean obsolete? Take a poll of all the good cooks that you know and you'll see that gas is the preferred way to cook. So much more control of cooking. There are plenty of gas stoves for sale.
  • Edith
    :D :D All of you have missed the boat. I had my smoothtop since 1995 and it looks like new. You get the debris and burned places of with a RAZOR BLADE. jUST SCRAPE IT AND IT WILL EASILY COME OFF. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN BURNT ON. tHE WHITE STOVES ARE THE BEST. tHE BLACK ONES ARE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP CLEAN. then you polish it swith the smoothop polishing cream. You clean galss with a razor blade. i.e. removing old stickers. You will all love me for this advice>
  • Marie  - Plastic melted on burner still shows decoloration
    Hi there,

    Read every single post, no one seems to have this problem: a small part of a plastic container melted on the burner of my GE glass black cook top. I let it cool off for the day, and last night tried to remove the blue plastic with the cerama bryte cleaner and cerama bryte sponge that comes with the GE. It took the plastic off after some work, but it has left a "halo" around where the plastic was and also a darker spot where the plastic got melted. Called GE and they said to scrap it, there is nothing else to scrap, I think I took it all off with the cerama bryte sponge and it is very shiny on the surface, but there is a discoloration in that particular spot where I cleaned the plastic off. GE also said it could be permanently damaged. the melt was in the middle of the burner and now I see a slightly darker stain where the melted plastic was and a lighter color halo around the area. Afraid to try the WD 40 or nail polish remover, GE said those are too acidic. My G...
  • Marie  - re: Plastic melted on burner still shows decolorat
    Continues: My GE is very new and this is the front burner, anyone has any advice? i can't believe that a small portion of melted plastic could discolor the glass!?!?!? can you advise me?
  • Suzerf
    I have a Bosch stove with a black glass cooktop. It came with the Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner and a red cooktop scrubber and a single sided razor blade and holder. The most important thing to know about this kind of stove is that you need to use stainless steel pots on it. If you use the any other metal it will leave gray marks on the cooktp that will not come with out a lot of hard work! I have replaced the two nonstick frying pans with ones that are stainless steel and I have allclad stainless steel pots and they do not leave any marks. I use the weinmens cream cleaner everyday and my stove looks like new. I polish it every evening after diner and it stays clean. After I use a burner I do get a whitish haze on the burner but it does not take much effort polish it out with the cleaner.
  • Anonymous  - plastic melt
    Wrong burner got turned and the Britta Water filter started to melt. Took it off and shut it down. The burner has a melted ring of plastic left on it. Any thoughts?
  • Anonymous  - plastic melt
    Wrong burner got turned and the Britta Water filter started to melt. Took it off and shut it down. The burner has a melted ring of plastic left on it. Any thoughts?
  • Nina  - Ring that never leaves
    OK ~ After you've gone through the vinegar, lemon, baking soda, Bami, Comet, polishes, razors, oven cleaner, bathroom scum remover, heat, steel wool, chanting, cursing and a good amount of prayer... Find a nice looking Dutch oven.. put it over the burner.. step back.. smile,,. and try not to burn up your stove top again.
  • Eric
    Groan-thanks Nina. Wife was able to get the outer ring off with her nail and the inner ring off with many applications of a cleaner. Thanks to all who helped.
  • sal
    Scratch Free Comet with Bleach
  • Joe  - Baking soda and vinegar
    Baking soda on there and then some vinegar on top of it for the fun foamy reaction. Waited about 20 minutes , scrubbed for about 1 minute.
    It worked great. Thanks.
  • Anonymous
    My potatoes boiled over on to the front burner of my whirlpool smooth top range and now I have a white discoloration. I have tried the cleaner, baking soda and alot of elbow grease but nothing works. Please help. What will take the starch stains off that seem to be embedded in the glass. This is my first new stove and now regretting it.
  • Roger Wiggins  - Don't give up
    I to have a Whirlpool black smooth top stove. It developed water looking stains on the two main burners. I sprinkled with baking soda and moistened with RealLime juice. Swirled with fingers and then let it set for 10 minutes and then mopped up majority of juice with paper towels. Then I scrubbed with papertowels very firmly in small circular motion. Rinsed with fresh dishwater and polished with fresh soft kitchen towel. It looks brand new!
  • Lou  - white ring
    A pot was left on the stove for a while, my glass top now has a white ring embedded into the glass. Any suggestions on how to remove it.
  • Michelle
    I still miss my gas stove (10 yrs now), but I love the glass top that I have had for three months now. It is easy to clean and provides extra counter space for prep work. It's so much easier to clean than the coils of our previous range, and I no longer have food falling from our over-the-range microwave through the coils of the stove top. I have used my three cast iron skillets several times with good contact for heating and no scratching (just careful not to slide them around unnecessarily). They are totally flat on the bottom, and well-seasoned. They have been in my family for years, and used to be used for camping when Teflon came out and replaced my mother's skillets. I guess it depends on your skillets and comfort level.
  • Melissa  - Boiled over pasta water
    I have tried - Magic erase sponges, bon ami - lots of elbow grease - nothing seems to get this stuff off????
  • Ce  - Melted plastic on stove top! How do I remove it
    :ooo: Any suggestions
    ? Scraper not working, alcohol not working
  • Anonymous  - comet for flat top stove cleaning
    it really works well and cheap too.
  • Sue  - whirlpool stove
    We are buying a house that has a Whirlpool stove, the glass top looks like it has enamel rings that mark the size of the burners. Two of them look like maybe someone set a hot pot on them because the emnamel seems to have smeared and it looks awful. Thoughts? would this be something I could remove or is it possible to get a replacement glass top?
  • amanda
    thank u so much the baking soda and juice was a miracle..
  • Elizabeth Peterson  - Rings around eyes on black LG glass top?? Help!
    I have these rings all around the eyes/burners of the stove top? I've tried the weiman cleaner and like everything else also and still can't get these rings off?? Anyone with a similar problem had any luck removeing them? I'm almost afraid ive damaged the actual glass top and that's the reason it looks this way but it feels like its burnt on grease or food?
  • Elizabeth Peterson  - Rings around eyes on black LG glass top?? Help!
    I have these rings all around the eyes/burners of the stove top? I've tried the weiman cleaner and like everything else also and still can't get these rings off?? Anyone with a similar problem had any luck removeing them? I'm almost afraid ive damaged the actual glass top and that's the reason it looks this way but it feels like its burnt on grease or food? :x
  • Marie
    do not notify me anymore
  • Tom  - marie, were you able to clean your GE?
    Marie, Were you able to clean your GE oven to remove the halo? I have a similar issue where the residue appears to be gone but the surface has the halo effect where I was cleaning it with the oven supplied cleaner and pad. Were you able to get that halo out? or is it permanently in the glass?
  • kathy  - cloudy appearance on black ceran cook top
    Please help!! I boiled over white rice. Cleaned area with Barkeepers Cooktop Cleaner and Weiman's red scratch free pad. Wiped it with a damp microfiber cloth and gently patted dry with cotton cloth. Not completely dry though. The food is gone, but a white, milky appearance on black ceramic glass schott ceran cook top kitchenaid. You cannot feel the cloudy look, just see it. What is this milky look and what can I do to remove it? Thank you!!
  • Beth Peterson
    Razor blade worked wonders for me! It's not a stain it's cooked on food. Use the blade as if you are trying to peel a sticker off the glass. It can be trick if the residue is really thin it will make it hard to get the blade under the film! Hope this helps!
  • Anthony Andrews
    All Caps ?
  • Ann  - Streaks on glass after cleaning
    Just got my new Frigidaire black glass cooktop. It cleans up fine with the provided Cerama-brite, but leaves streaks. It's like waxing a car. I have to buff and buff. Have used paper towels and plain white dishtowels. Can anyone recommend a good polishing towel? Also, would a spray on window cleaner work?
  • Anonymous
    clean news paper w/ soapy water, GG
  • Jim  - OMG! Thank you SOOO much for the baking soda and
    Single Dad, bought a new house with a white glass stove top and thought I ruined it in just two weeks, the baking soda and vinegar worked fantastic! You saved me another trip to Home Depot to stand there scratching my head next to a clueless man in an orange apron (talk about the blind leading the blind) :)
  • Ingegerd  - Clean cook top
    It takes a lot of elbow grease to keep a black cook top clean. It is important to clean the cook top thoroughly after each use.

    I wipe with a wet sponge, then I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It does an excellent job. For stubborn spots, I sprinkle a few grains of Cascade Dish Washing Detergent and rub some more. Comes out sparkling clean, like new.

    Incidentally, to get the spots and streaks off your stainless steel appliances use olive oil. You heard right! Olive oil will make them sparkle.

    Happy cleaning :)
  • Tom  - white haze after cleaning black stove top
    Black whirlpool stove top. I wiped up a water spill with a microfiber cloth while the burner was still hot and the cloth was dry, it burned a streak into the black new stovetop. I used the cleaner that came with the stovetop and a blue pad that came with the cleaner, looks like a scotch brite (green) pad. it took some scrubbing but I was able to get the fiber remnants off. after cleaning I ended up with a white haze over the ares with dark spots inside where the burned microfiber was, any idea how to remove the white haze that was left over from cleaning?
  • Deb
    Make sure you always keep on hand a Mr Clean Magic Eraser it does wonders on everything even your stovetop :)
  • Tom  - white haze after cleaning stove top

    I think I have permanently ruined my stovetop. it is brand new, and I melted a microfiber rag on it and used the cleaner and pad that came with the stovetop to clean it off. I was able to get the stuff off with a lot of scrubbing, now it appears the shiny surface is dull with a slightly white haze where I was doing all the scrubbing. I have tried several of the other suggestions, but I believe the surface of the glass is scratched and the haze is the scratched surface. I have a black whirlpool top with Schott ceran marked on it in the corner. I have tried several commercial cleaners this dull whitish area is not coming off. I really think it is permanently scratched. I have been using the commercial cleaners on the stovetop and they work great to clean off any spills after the stovetop is cooled down. I am not sure what else to do, however my situation is not noticable unless you look at it carefully at an angle....
  • Lori  - Black spots on my glass top burner
    I have black spots on my glass top burner that will not come off. HELP
  • Dawn  - Glasstop stoves not for families
    I am a working mother with a family, two adult college students and a teenager. Buying a black glass-top was the worst thing I ever did. We are all working, in school and busy. Keeping this thing clean is a nightmare. My old stove was always clean, spills or baked on messes took some elbow grease but would come out, the glass top is impossible to keep clean.
  • Wendie  - Wendie
    Just cleaned my extremely grungy black glass top stove tonight. I squeezed a fresh lemon over
    every grungy area. Then I poured (generously)
    baking soda over the lemon juice. I let it sit
    about a half hour. I took a clean sponge and,
    using some pressure, wiped up the solution.
    Finally, I took a razor blade and, using pressure, scraped every grungy area. I wiped it all clean with water and a paper towel. IT IS

  • Anonymous
    Do people really hang around waiting for the 'hot surface'light to go out so they can clean their stove?!? - me? - I'm eating my dinner!
  • Anonymous  - re: melted enamel from the tea kettle on the glass
    delia cooer-hall wrote:
    Hi, I left my enamel tea kettle on the stove and fell asleep. The water evaporated and the enamel melted onto the stove top. I was able to get the kettle off without damage and most of the enamel, but there is a rough residue left about the size of a quarter. Help!
    Dawn wrote:
    I am a working mother with a family, two adult college students and a teenager. Buying a black glass-top was the worst thing I ever did. We are all working, in school and busy. Keeping this thing clean is a nightmare. My old stove was always clean, spills or baked on messes took some elbow grease but would come out, the glass top is impossible to keep clean.
  • beth  - black glass stove top
  • tom
    Once the surface gets scratched or dull there is no bringing it back.
  • Peter  - Ceramic texturing scraped off or coated in black?
    I have a Shott Ceran coated stove. It is white/light grey with lighter grey circles for the burners. There is a light texturing all over the surface EXCEPT where there is a big black patch of smooth as silk glass in the middle of one of the burners.

    I have never cleaned the oven with anything more abrasive than barkeeper's friend. This happened after I let a pot boil dry (non-stick pot with anodized grey aluminum finish)
    There are small spots of texture in the big black spot but it almost looks like all of the texture has been (burnt? scraped?) off rather than a deposit of something else there.

    Could this actually be something burnt onto the stove or will more scrubbing only make it a shinier black non-textured spot on my white/grey textured stove top?
  • Mary  - Large black spots on my black glass stove top.
    Does anyone know how to clean large black spots on my black glass stove top? It's like it inside the glass instead of on top. Please HELP.
  • ron rosencrans
    :angry-red: Cooking directly on a glass stove top is a concept concocted by a sick mind. When every splash and splatter gets cooked onto the glass, soapy water won't get it clean, and special stove top cleaners are hardly any better. Scraping with a razor blade after every use comes close, but I'm going back to cooking on burners.
  • Casey Miller  - how to get burned tape off of a glass cooktop
    Go to the hardware store. Buy a razor scraper. Either a little DIY one or a full size one. They come with blades. Scrape the stuff off of your stove. It's easy. Just use a razor scraper.
  • Jan
    I have the same problem.I think a glass tea pot was left
    on the burner and it boiled dry.Have tried a number of things,
    like baking soda and lemon juice, glass cleaners,, nothing has
    worked so far.Can anyone help?
  • Syndi
    If you can get it clean, then buy (and use regularly) a stove top conditioner. It is not the cleaner but actually more of a polish. I bought mine from Amazon or you can usually find it at hardware stores or applicance stores.
  • pat maison
    after years of using dif cleaning supplies and a razor blade finally found how to clean my white stove top
    baking soda and vinegar or baking soda and citrus juice.... works so fantastic can't believe it and no chemicals either :D
  • Mary Ann Bland  - glass stove top
    I melted a plastic pepper shaker
    got shaker off but ring of plastic
    won't remove. tried the stove cleaner
    and also heated burner thinking it
    would melt what was left on nope
    any idea thanks
  • noreen michels  - stove top cleaners
    before I clean the glass top I turn the element on for 5 seconds then pour dry bicarbonate of soda and then use a wet non abrasive scrubber along with elbow grease. Keep ahead by cleaning after each use.
  • Diana
    I have an Lg cookstove not 6 months old. I have cleaned it daily before using again. Never had any problems getting off spots. However, now one of the burners has developed small white spots that seem to be embedded in the burner. Does anyone know if this is possible or if this can be removed. I have tried everything!
  • karen  - stovetop campfire
    I burned through two hardwood cutting boards that sat atop my ceramic stovetop, honestly thought it was runined and the smell in my house is awful like a campfire. There is sap and the charred remains of the cutting boards. I've been scraping them off with a blade which seems to be working. I'm going to try the baking soda & vinegar plus the blade. I seriously thought the stove was ruined but it appears to be cleaning up almost new. I cannot image what temperature the coals were but they were red hot piled on the stove top. :0
  • karen  - stovetop campfire
    I burned through two hardwood cutting boards that sat atop my ceramic stovetop, honestly thought it was runined and the smell in my house is awful like a campfire. There is sap and the charred remains of the cutting boards. I've been scraping them off with a blade which seems to be working. I'm going to try the baking soda & vinegar plus the blade. I seriously thought the stove was ruined but it appears to be cleaning up almost new. I cannot image what temperature the coals were but they were red hot piled on the stove top. :0
  • tim  - great
    ive had a glass stovetop forever and finally got it out!
  • PopSmith  - Be careful
    If you let things boil over onto the glass, the salt and spices can etch the glass which can start cracks. Abrasive cleansers can induce small scratches that lead to cracks. My wife didn't believe me. $350.

    Quick cleanups are essential to the life and beauty of a glass cooktop.
  • Anonymous
    [I want to try the straight alcohol--would be cheaper.]
    Dribble on commercial glass top cleaner. then cover with plastic wrap and squish it around to make sure all marks are well covered. let it stand (for hours? anyway, won't dry out), then use toothbrush to clean. I realize the glitch of accidentally melting the plastic. But I think it is better than resorting to razor blade, which was my other go-to.
  • Nancy Sutton  - what works
    :D Just took my oven door apart and it had spilt burnt run marks , so with fresh baking soda , vinegar and magic eraser in hand a time , 1st with stove scraper I removed bumpy pieces then sprinkled baking soda sprayed the vinegar and waited 10 minutes, then with my eraser went to gently scrubbing, now thes were in really bad shape and they look like new, next I tackled the top ,which took way more scrubbing so after my first run wiped everything off and started again waited 20 minutes and with very little scrubbing it was perfect, finished off with glass top cleaner to erase streaks and my glass top looks great, mind you I have 7 kids who spill and burned this to a horrid condition, and next time because it was so easy they will get this job when they spill.
  • lost in new hyde park  - out damn spot!!!!
    Well brand new glass top stove and everytime i cook something spills they say to wipe it off right away ,but hello stove is hot as hell! ..well i was reading everyones post and i decided to try the baking soda.. I wash my hair with it and I love it and i know it has many uses to it. Well it did do a nice job ..i may have to do it again but it does not look as bad as it did.... thank you baking soda !!!!!
  • Kathy
    I have found that if you wash oven top with damp rag, dry then use Orange Glow by Pledge. Absolutely NO streaks and comes out so beautiful and so easy.
  • Anonymous
    I have the white cooktop and it has no dirt or residue on it (perfectly smooth) but under one burner is a discolored greyish area that is not on the surface. I don't know what caused this or how to get rid of it. Any help is appreciated.
  • jc  - REPLY to SUE and others with White rings on Black
    All -

    In my experience - and I have been cleaning the stove for two week's you must clean it over 10 times. I will also be trying the alcohol and vinegar and baking soda and lemon juice combinations that various people recommended. I am also going to try Simple Green.

    The following seem to work:

    1. Magic Eraser - on burned items -- you can see the transfer of color that is a clue.
    2. Barkeeper's Friend - on white marks/dullness that may be from condensation or rubbing of the bottom of pans
    Must do this -- 3-4 times it seems to work progressively. Wet surface first and then add the powder as a paste.
    3. Cerama-Brite and associated Scraper - it works best on the burned rings of food. The scraper is great, but for smaller burns or if you have worn down the burn, it is hard to scrap underneath. You may need to cerama-byte first to give something to help use. keep a level angle to the surface. Sliding food off, not at an angle to scratch the surface of the stovetop.
  • Audrey  - R u mad?
    ;) For some people, especially those with arthritis, Capitol letters are easier to us. It has nothing to do with being mad or upset.
    Please understand, not everyone has the same capabilities.
  • Amy  - empty pot left on hot burner
    a guest in my house left an empty sauce pan on a hot burner - it is an inexpensive pot with thin copper bottom. I believe a layer of copper and or metal melted to my black glass cook top - the bottom of the sauce pan is missing a sliver of the copper. How do I get that off??? Help!
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