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Easy Tips for Troubleshooting your Garbage Disposal Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

You can avoid costly garbage disposal repair bills by learning some simple troubleshooting tips.  These straightforward tips on how to repair a garbage disposal are designed to address the common issues you may experience, regardless of the brand and type you own.

Warning: Remember, safety first.  Always make sure to turn off the power to the garbage disposal at the breaker.  Also, never put your hand down the drain into the disposal (hopper).

Note: If you remove the splashguard, you will have easier access.

How to Install a Toilet Flange Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

Learning how to install a toilet flange is simple.  You may need to know how to install a toilet flange, which is the piece of metal or plastic pipe that connects your toilet to the waste pipe, when it is broken or damaged, or if you are installing a new toilet.  This project should only take you a couple of hours to do, pending you have all the tools and materials necessary to complete the job. Also see How to Install a Toilet. Toilet Repairs

How to Clean Dishwashers Print E-mail
Written by kenny   

clean dishwasher

Cleaning the dishwasher is not something too many people think to do. However, debris and deposits can build up over time and can reduce the dishwasher’s performance. Dishwashers do not need to be cleaned too often, but it is important to take the time to clean dishwashers in order to maintain optimum performance. Using dishwashers regularly will help to prevent food and debris from building up, which will reduce how often to clean dishwashers Also see how to install a garbage disposal.

How to Install a Replacement Shower Faucet Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

Install faucet

Save money by learning how to replace a shower faucet.  It is important to purchase the correct replacement shower faucet.  When you are replacing an existing shower faucet, there are many sizes, types and styles to choose from.  Not all faucets are interchangeable, so you must be sure you purchase the right replacement shower faucet before you begin.  While this article will give you basic steps to install a replacement shower faucet, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Need to fix a leaky faucet?

How To Fix A Leaky Faucet Print E-mail
Written by Tom T.   

leaky faucet

There is nothing more annoying than a leaky faucet.  While it may be intimidating the idea that you would have to fix a leaky faucet, you can save a lot of money by fixing a leaky faucet yourself.  The trick is to learn what type of faucet you have and how to fix a leaky faucet like the one you have.


While there are many different varieties and models of faucets, there are two basic kinds of faucets:  washer-type (compression) and those faucets without washers.  This article will explain how to fix a leaky faucet with a washer, which is the most common. You can also learn how to replace a faucet.

Adjusting the Water Level for Your Toilet Print E-mail
Written by Jake   

water level

When you flush the toilet, the tank begins to refill. It will automatically stop when it reaches a specific level. Generally, a float is lifted by the rising water. When the float reaches a specific point, the water valve will shut off.

Low water levels in toilets will not allow the float ball to raise high enough to close the ball cock. Water levels that are too high will constantly run water, which will cost you a lot of money and wasted water. Adjusting the low water level in your toilet will keep your toilet flushing completely. Water levels should fall about one inch below the rim of the overflow tube.

Leveling a Toilet – Stop that Toilet from Rocking! Print E-mail
Written by Jake   

Level Toilet

If your toilet tends to rock when you sit on it, it is time to take some steps to stop that rock!  Leveling a toilet is not a difficult task.  Leveling a toilet is different than leveling the WATER level in a toilet.  Leveling a toilet is necessary for a number of reasons.   Whether you are installing a new toilet, or you have been dealing with an existing rocking toilet, leveling a toilet is a simple task.

How To Install A Kitchen Sink Print E-mail
Written by Kathy   
Kitchen Sink

Installing a kitchen sink may seem like a project best left to the professionals, but you can actually successfully install a kitchen sink with these simple instructions.  Installing a kitchen sink yourself will give you a feeling of accomplishment and save you a lot of money! Need to know how to install a pedestal sink?

Toilet Repairs: Try These before Replacing Your Toilet Print E-mail
Written by Jake   

Toilet Repair

If your toilet is having some problems, there are some simple solutions. Toilet repair is not as difficult as you might think. Toilet repairs can save you a lot of money. If you come across cracks during your inspection, you will have to replace the toilet.

See Related articles: How to install a toilet

8 Simple Steps to Install a Pedestal Sink Print E-mail
Written by Tom   

Pedestal Sink Install

Pedestal sinks have become increasingly popular over the years as a more stylish and formal alternative to the old traditional countertop sinks. Not only can they be more fashionable, they are great for people who have limited space.

Related articles:

How to Install a Toilet
How to Recaulk your Bathtub

What types of pedestal sinks are available?

There are a few different styles and materials you can choose for your bathroom pedestal sink. A bathroom pedestal sink is commonly made of either enameled cast iron or vitreous china. The cast iron skin tends to be much more expensive but is very durable. The vitreous china sink tends to vary in price and quality. When choosing pedestal bathroom sink, pay attention to the configurations of the holes, as they can come in three different configurations. Be sure to choose a matching sink and faucet configuration.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal Print E-mail
Written by Tom   

Garbage Disposal

The reason you would want to replace your current disposal would more than likely be because of wear and tear. A garbage disposal is a very impressive piece of machinery, but at the end of the day it can wear down over time just like everything else. Grime can get clogged up over time and make it a lot harder to operate. Even if you maintain your garbage disposal on a regular basis through cleaning materials specifically designed for it, you will still find that over time the efficiency of the garbage disposal will drop dramatically. Therefore, replacing an existing disposal is something you are probably going to have to do at least once in your life

What does a Garbage Disposal actually do?

Garbage disposals are designed so that any large pieces of garbage that goes down your drain is ground up into very small pieces. This in turn allows them to go through your kitchen plumbing system safely without clogging anything along the way. The fact that they help avoid clogging and damaging the plumbing system is one main reason garbage disposals are very popular these days. Much more than just items of convenience, garbage disposals can actually help to prolong the life of your current kitchen plumbing setup.

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