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Do It Yourself - Most Popular

Electrical and Lighting

The DIY electrical and do-it-yourself Lighting section has articles on many topics such as: Appliances, Kitchen Items, Wiring Projects, Lighting, Safety and more. This section is for all your home repair or improvement needs in the electrical/lighting area. If you can't find what you are looking for use our custom diy search (top right on every page) or email us and we will be glad to answer any question you may have.

Solar Attic Fan – Easy Installation Steps and Pros/Cons of Using Direct Natural Light Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

A solar attic fan provides active circulation necessary for cooling and reducing moisture.  Proper attic ventilation is important in both the summer and winter months.  A quality solar attic fan will cool your attic reducing summer cooling bills and helps to prevent mildew and mold from forming from ice melting on your roof.   Moisture can cause a variety of problems in the attic and inside your home.

How it Works

Rather than consuming electricity, power is created by using solar energy.  This is done through a built-in panel that transforms direct natural sunlight into electricity to power up the motor that spins the fan blade.   At this point, the air is pulled in from outside forcing it through the space and out the vent.

Crystal Chandelier Repair Steps Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

Crystal Chandelier Repair Steps

It is possible to repair a crystal chandelier. If you have a beautiful crystal chandelier that has a broken arm that has snapped, you do not have to part with it. There are some steps you can take to repair your special crystal chandelier.

How to Install Cathedral Ceiling Lights Print E-mail
Written by kenny   

Ceiling lighting

Installing cathedral ceiling lights in your cathedral style ceiling takes a little time, but can be done. Recessed ceiling lights can be installed in a cathedral ceiling if you purchase the right kind of recessed lights. This article will show you how to purchase and install cathedral ceiling lights. See Also install remote lighting.

Home Lighting Tips – Room by Room Print E-mail
Written by Jeff   

Home lighting is one of the most important elements for decorating your home. It is also important to consider the types of home lighting you use to help with the energy bill, as well. Also see installing remote lighting.

Refrigerator Freezer Repair Troubleshooting Tips Print E-mail
Written by Robert   

refridgerator repair

There are a number of reasons why your freezer does not work. This article will go over some of the reasons why freezers do not work and offer you some freezer repair troubleshooting steps. The very first thing you should do is to check that the freezer is getting power. If you are unsure if the outlet is working, then plug in a small item to see. If you do not have power at the outlet, then check your fuse or circuit breaker. If there is power, it is time to dig deeper. Be sure to check out our energy star appliances article.

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