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How To Clean A Humidifier Print E-mail
Written by Samantha   

Humidifiers can be very effective at increasing the humidity in your home.  In fact, keeping the humidity levels above 40% can help reduce or eliminate problems, such as dry nose, nose bleeds, dry throat, dry lips and dry skin, static electricity and infections from bacteria and viruses that thrive in the air.  It is important to know, however, that the humidity levels should stay below 60% so that mold and dust mites do not have a chance to grow.

While humidifiers are very helpful, they can pose as a health hazard, if not properly cleaned.  Cleaning humidifiers is extremely important. Bacteria and fungi can grow in the tanks of humidifiers and then get into the air through the mist.   

It is extremely important to properly maintain and clean humidifiers.  Clean a humidifier at least once a week.  Refer to the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to be sure these cleaning instructions are compatible with your machine.  

Home Humidifier Buying Guide Print E-mail
Written by Tom T.   

Humidifier Tips

Before buying a humidifier, take into consideration your needs. Purchase a hygrometer to measure the humidity level in your home to determine if you even need a home humidifier or not. A hygrometer is inexpensive and can help you monitor the air you breathe and keep it at optimum level.


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