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Dremel 4000 Review Print E-mail
Written by kenny   

The Dremel 4000 is the newest corded addition to the Dremel rotary tool series.  It is similar to a router, yet it can perform many more tasks because of its features and size.  The many different types of tasks it can do are:  grinding, sanding, cutting, polishing, carving, engraving, and much more.  What sets this version apart from the rest?  According to consumers, it’s the power this tool produces. Also see the Fein Multimaster review.

Dremel has proven itself in the past by offering outstanding rotary tools; however, will this rotary tool prove to uphold this manufacturer’s superior reviews?   We decided to do our research to find out if, in fact, it does.


Multi-Speed Operation

It has a multi-speed operation that ranges from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM.    This variable speed is controlled by a dial located at the back end of the housing.  It uses a numerical system, rather than alphabetical, to show you how fast the collet is spinning.  This numerical system allows you to dial in a speed that will work for the type of bit, cutter, or grinding attachment you are using.

The variable speed options allow you to use the rotary tool on different materials.  For example, plastics tend to overheat and melt due to excessive friction when using a high RPM.   If you need to use your Dremel 4000 on plastics, you will want to set it at a lower RPM.  However, if you are grinding router bits, you will need a higher RPM.


The piece that tightens around and secures the shank of the different accessory bits, also known as the collet, comes in different sizes.  These sizes include:

  • 1/32”

  • 1/16”

  • 3/32”

  • 1/8”

Most bits available for the Dremel have a 1/8” shank; therefore, a 1/8” is supplied in the actual kit.  You are able to purchase the above sizes if you need them separately.

Additional Features

  • Electronic feedback for consistent speed under load

  • Motor brushes are replaceable

  • On/off switch and speed control dial

  • High performance motor

  • Use with all Dremel attachments and accessories

  • Quick collet lock to help with accessory changes

  • Cool running ball bearing construction

  • Five year warranty

Accessories and Kits

Dremel has made it easier to buy your rotary tool.   It has created different kits that will allow you to combine the different accessories you will need for your individual projects.  Each kit includes a certain number of major accessories with a certain number of minor accessories. It is best to choose based on the major accessory.

The following are examples of the kits available:

  • $79.99 – 2 major accessories and 30 assorted bits

  • $89.99 – 3 major accessories and 34 assorted bits

  • $149.99 – 6 major accessories and 50 assorted bits

Purchasing these separately will cost you more in the long run; therefore, consider saving up and making an investment now.  Otherwise, you may end up paying for it down the line.


The many different major and minor accessories, as well as the variable speed operation make this tool even better than the others in the Dremel rotary tools series.  Its size and versatility effectively allow you to tackle areas that are hard to reach. The variable speed operation is probably the best feature, as it allows you to effectively use the Dremel 4000 on different materials that need different speeds.

Bottom Line

Because of the versatility of this tool, its variable speed power, its accessories, and its size, the Dremel 4000 can take on almost any small project.  We highly recommend the Dremel 4000, especially if you have never had a Dremel before.  It is effective, functional, and fun to use.

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