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How to Lay Tile in a Bathroom Print E-mail
Written by Bob B.   

How to Lay Tile in a Bathroom

Learning how to lay tile in a bathroom may feel overwhelming.  If you learn how to lay tile in a bathroom by dividing the instructions into sections, you will find this project is not as difficult as you first thought.  Be sure to allow a couple of days for this project, so plan accordingly, especially if you do not have a spare bathroom. Also see How To Lay Tile.

Cost-Efficient Bathroom Remodels Print E-mail
Written by kenny   

The vast majority of those hoping to remodel a room are looking for cost-efficient bathroom remodel ideas that will save money, especially if there are other design projects looming in the near future. There are dozens of websites that are devoted to cheap and easy remodeling ideas for bathrooms, but you have to be very choosy when using some of these ideas, as they can take away from the value of your home. Sometimes, cheap is not necessarily the best way to cut costs, and sometimes paying a little more in the beginning helps you save more in the long run.

How to Remove Soap Scum without Harsh Chemicals Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

soap scum

Soap scum is a nuisance that every one has to deal with.  Soap scum is not an easy task because it is made up of different things, such as body oils, mildew, mineral deposits and talc from soap and hard water.   Remove soap scum without the endless scrubbing that usually doesn’t work.  The great news is that you do not have to subject yourself to harsh chemicals to remove soap scum.  See also other bathroom diy ideas.

How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan Print E-mail
Written by Tom T   

Bathroom exhaust

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan is important in helping to eliminate or reduce mold on your walls, as well as reduce odors.  Consider installing a bathroom exhaust fan yourself, rather than spending a lot of money on an electrician. Please be sure to visit our bathroom remodeling ideas article for other helpful hints!

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Print E-mail
Written by Tom T   

Bathroom Ideas

You can create a luxurious bathroom, while keeping the bathroom remodel cost within a budget that is comfortable for you. These bathroom remodeling ideas were designed to give you the bathroom you have always dreamed of within the bathroom remodel cost you have set aside. Take a fresh look at your bathroom and write down what “needs” to be fixed and what you just do not like anymore.


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