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Save Water by Making your Own Rain Barrel System Print E-mail
Written by Mike C.   

Rain Barrel

Water conservation not only protects the environment, but it also saves you money.  If you learn how to make your own rain barrel system, you can reduce your monthly water bill especially during the summer months.  When you build a rain barrel, there will be a consistent supply of supplementary fresh, clean water for your gardening and other outdoor needs.

DIY Solar Panels Print E-mail
Written by Ralph   

DIY solar panels are not as difficult to make as you might expect.  In fact, you can make a homemade solar panel that will cost you substantially less than purchasing a unit from a manufacturer. Also see installing bamboo floors.

Green Wash Ball Laundry Ball Print E-mail
Written by Jessie   

The Green Wash Ball laundry ball has certainly made a successful debut.  People are always looking for ways to save money, as well as ways to decrease the chemicals coming into their homes.   The Green Wash Ball laundry ball claims that it can clean laundry without harmful chemicals and without using detergent. We decided to do some research to ensure the Green Wash Ball laundry ball actually cleans the laundry and is truly chemical free. See our review on always fresh containers.

How To Vent A Dryer Print E-mail
Written by Ralph Leonard   

dryer vent

Dryer Vents MUST Be Vented to the Outside. It is essential to vent a clothes dryer outside.  If you do not vent the dryer outside, you are subjecting your family to all kinds of fibers and lint that accumulate into the air, causing respiratory and breathing problems.  Also, the hot air in the dryer could contain gasses, like carbon monoxide, which are extremely dangerous.


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